5th Dec – Advancing Women 1 day course

This course is designed for ambitious women, from all sectors, who seek to improve their leadership skills.

It explores key leadership competencies from the female perspective. A practical focus ensures that participants can apply the learnings to their individual situation.


Key topics

What is leadership? Ensuring a shared understanding of what leadership is (and isn’t), the leader/follower relationship, leadership styles and leading through values and vision.

How does the female leadership journey differ? A brief overview of research and recent developments in gender equality at work.

Your personal brand – Creating a personal brand that is true to who you are and impactful enough to get you noticed and remembered.

Navigating power and politics in business – Recognising and understanding power plays; when you might encounter them and how to respond with confidence.

Influencing and negotiating – Managing relationships, developing influencing and negotiating strategies to complement your leadership style.

Building your coalition – Building valuable connections and networking strategically


Learning Outcomes

On conclusion of the course, participants should have an enhanced appreciation of:

  • The fundamental differences between the male and female leadership journey
  • Their own personal strengths and how to address the unique challenges faced by women in the workplace
  • The components of individual leadership styles and how to be authentic yet effective


Trainer Bio – Dawn Leane

Passionate about the need for greater diversity at senior levels, Dawn established Leane Leaders to support individuals and organisations on their diversity journey. Dawn has a particular interest in contemporary women’s leadership issues and is a regular contributor to professional journals on the topic.

Her work as an Executive Coach is almost exclusively with women, which affords  a greater insight to the issues women experience when advancing their careers and she has coached many women to success.